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About Me

Hi, I’m Eric


I have been studying and exploring martial arts, exercise science, and healing arts for 23 years.  For the last 15 years I have focused my martial arts training on the Chinese martial arts because of their focus on self-defense, health, meditation, and inner transformation.  While I have trained in a variety of different martial arts, I currently teach classes in Hwa Yu Tai Chi Ch’uan, Bagua Zhang, and Yon Ch’uan Martial Arts.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from amazing instructors including Tom Bisio, Glenn Newth, Robert Xavier and Dan Inosanto.  In addition to martial arts instruction, I also have 12 years experience in the fitness industry and am a certified personal trainer with both the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).  


Additionally, I have been working as a Physical Education teacher, athletic director, and coach in public and private schools for over 10 years.  I currently teach private sports and games classes to elementary and middle school children that are designed to enhance physical, emotional, and social development.   I am also a graduate of the Spacial Dynamics Institute, a 5-year training course that teaches a holistic approach to Movement Education, and the ability to educate children in a developmentally appropriate way.   

My experience includes:


• Studying Marital Arts Since 1997

• 3rd Degree Black Belt in Yon Ch’uan Martial Arts

• Hwa Yu Tai Chi Certified Instructor since 2010 under Glenn Newth

• Student of Ba Gua Zhang under Tom Bisio since 2010

• Foundational Level Ba Gua Zhang Instructor since 2016

• Student of Xing Yi Chuan under Tom Bisio since 2015

• Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) practitioner since 2010

• Certified Personal Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine
   and American College of Sports Medicine since 2008

• Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine

• Graduate of the Spacial Dynamics 5 year Level 1 Training  

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