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Current Classes and Private Training

Private and Group Training


One on one private training sessions, or small group classes will allow you to achieve your desire goals in an efficient and effective manner. Private Sessions allow me to customize your training to help meet your individual needs.  Personal training sessions will focus on your desired health and fitness goals, including weight loss, nutrition, building muscle, sports conditioning, and corrective exercise strategies.  


Internal martial arts and Kung Fulessons will tend to focus on correct body alignment, developing greater mindfulness and body awareness, and refinement of forms and techniques. Development of martial arts skills is also emphasized if that is one of your goals.


Personal Training Sessions focus on increasing cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility will be used.  Elements of yoga, weight/resistance training, cardiovascular training, martial arts, and Tai Chi may all be incorporated into your workout program.  Sports specific training is also available.  Most specifically, I have worked with athletes in track and field, basketball, and martial arts.   

Private lessons are held in person in Los Angeles or through Zoom anywhere in the world.




Group Classes:

$15 per session

$60 for 5 classes


In Person Private Training Sessions (1-3 people):

1 hour session: $60

1.5 hour session $80


Online Zoom training sessions (1-3 people):

1 hour session: $40

1.5 hour session: $60

**Small group classes of up to 3 people will be charged the same rate as an individual private session, making it cost effective and efficient.



Current Weekly Classes


Location: Pacific Palisades, CA

Palisades Recreation Center Basketball Courts

When: Wednesday Morning 9:45-10:45am

Sunday Morning 8:30-9:30am

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