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Classes and Workshops

Games, Physical Education, Sports, and Martial Arts Classes


I have had the opportunity to teach Physical Education, Movement, and Games classes in public, private, home schools, and Charter schools over the last 13 years.  I continue to develop a fun, diverse, and developmentally appropriate curriculum for K-12 students.  Additionally, I am a graduate of Montclair State University with degrees in Health and Physical Education, and also completed the Spacial Dynamics 5 year in-service training, which teaches a holistic approach to Movement and Games classes, based upon the Waldorf education curriculum.  Additionally, I have experience-teaching children with disabilities and developmental disorders. 


Goals and Objectives:

1.    To assist in the growth and development of the student through developmentally appropriate movement, sports, and games.

2.    To develop an increased social awareness and responsibility; the ability to work and play with (and as) a group

3.    To develop an understanding as well as specific skills in relationship to sports and games

4.    To develop a sense of growing strength, flexibility (range of motion), and endurance (stamina) through movement activities. 

5.    To develop the ability to listen and follow directions

6.    To develop joy, freedom of expression, and increased confidence through movement and games



Grades 1-4 Games and Physical Education  


Each movement class includes fine and gross motor skills, and free-formed movement. Activities are brought to the children through imagination and develop spatial awarenessThrough their imagination the child is able to explore their developing movement capacities and engage them fully in their play. Activities include rhythmical jumping and coordination activities, simple running and tag games with noodles, jump rope, animal walks, throwing and catching games, and balancing challenges.  Tumbling and circus arts will also be explored. For students in grades 3 and 4, circus skills, jump rope, and movements that require a greater degree of balance will be taught.  Relay races and introduction to sports skills will be performed throughout the program.



Grades 5-8 Games and Physical Education


Most of the activities of the previous years are taken up with and emphasis on the development of new skills and strengthening those already in place, finding their areas of mastery in movement.  Tag games with noodles and relay races will continue to be a part of the curriculum.  Additionally, formal sports skills and challenges will be taught in blocks of classes. The sports skills we will focus will primarily be basketball, team handball, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball. Running, dynamic warm ups, agility and strength building exercise will be incorporated to increase endurance, stamina, flexibility, and aerobic capacities of the students. Additionally, we will work on track and field skill development, which is traditionally a part of Waldorf movement curriculum in grades 7 and 8.  


Traditional Martial Arts for Children


Traditional martial art training is a unique approach to movement education for children and young adults.  The styles of martial arts that will be taught in this curriculum will be Traditional Kung Fu, Yon Ch’uan Martial Arts, and 15 Animal Kung Fu.  The graceful, flowing and powerful movement forms and techniques teach spatial and kinesthetic awareness, improved balanced, coordination, and enhances overall athletic ability.  Simultaneously, students will learn discipline, focus, and develop greater awareness and confidence within themselves. Additionally, classes develop a positive interaction with their classmates.  Initially, the focus of this class will be developing a strong foundation with basic techniques and forms.  Acrobatics and agility exercises will also be integrated into the curriculum.  Traditional martial arts training can be impactful and create positive changes in all aspects of life.


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